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More Needles

Today, I get to have another encounter with a needle. I am getting a rubella vaccine this afternoon. While I did get MMR shots as a child, somehow I do not have rubella antibodies in my blood. Since exposure to rubella while pregnant can cause birth defects, my fertitily specialist requires that I have the vaccine before we proceed with treatment. The vaccine will be live for 30 days, which means Aaron & I need to prevent conception for the next 2 cycles.

At first, I was very disappointed by the news. Why do we have to face this delay, now that we finally have a treatment plan that might help us to get pregnant? I want to start now! I sinfully responded with some anger that neither of my primary care doctors thought to check for this a year and a half ago when we first began trying to conceive. However, after repeatedly telling myself that the Lord is sovereign over this delay, that "my times are in [His] hand" (Ps. 31:15), I am trusting that this timing is not an accident but is actually for my good. I am grateful that we discovered the lack of immunity before conceiving a child and facing the threat of serious damage. And I am looking forward to temporary relief from the roller coaster of hope and disappointment that each cycle brings. I can rest knowing that nothing will be happening until July, when I will hopefully start taking Clomid.

Please pray with me for continuing peace and patience during this wait and for a conception as soon as possible when treatment starts in July, if the Lord wills.

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