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Round 4, Day 11

Quick update before I leave for a much-anticipated vacation...

I had an ultrasound yesterday that showed 3 large follicles on my right ovary (20mm, 18mm & 16mm) and one medium follicle on my left ovary (13mm) - another big response to the meds. In fact, Wendy was astonished at how many well-developed follicles I had! All that to say, Nurse Answers told me to go ahead and trigger last night (an event that was not nearly as nerve-wracking as the first time). We go in for our IUI tomorrow morning, right before we each leave for our respective trips (Aaron to Pennsylvania and West Virginia, me to Texas). If this IUI works, we'll have quite the story to tell our child someday. "Honey, you were conceived while mommy was on a plane flying in the opposite direction of your daddy..." Not exactly anyone's romanticized idea of starting a family, but we'll take it any way it comes!

I may blog while I'm on vacation, but I may not. If you live in Austin or Waco, I hope to see you while I'm in town!

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.


Adam said...

Looking forward to seeing you!

Fenskas said...

Andrea, Josh & I are praying for you guys this morning. May the Lord give you much refreshment through this vacation and enjoyment in Him!

gk said...

How long will you be in Austin??

andrea_jennine said...

I'll be in Austin until Tuesday morning. I'm in Waco until tomorrow - call the Srirams if you want to get in touch.