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We had care group scheduled for the day that Aaron & I both returned from traveling, so our dear friends Josh & Katie offered to lead the meeting for us. Much to our surprise, they took part of the meeting to ask members of our care group to share how they see evidence of God’s grace at work in our lives. We were incredibly blessed and humbled by that time. One thing particularly stood out to me – many people shared how Aaron cares for people effectively and has grown in leadership. As these comments were being made, my eyes were opened to see a broader horizon of how God has been using the trial of infertility. As I have struggled through the challenges of the past two years, my husband has had to learn how to care for me in the midst of difficulty. He has had to lead us through many decisions, and he has had to point me to the Lord’s grace again and again as my sins have been exposed. Sitting in care group, I realized that not only have I been the beneficiary of Aaron’s growth in loving leadership, but other friends have received that increased care as well. I can get so focused on asking, “What is God doing in my life through my suffering?” – and I think that is a helpful question to ask. But I needed that last care group meeting to see that God has bigger purposes in mind than just my growth. He works all things together for good to all those who love him. In this trial, that means me as I’ve been sanctified and drawn closer to my Savior. It also means my husband, who has learned greater compassion and leadership. And it means our friends in care group, who have benefited from Aaron’s growth (and maybe mine, too). It lightens the load of affliction just a little bit to have my eyes taken off myself to see what God is accomplishing through circumstances that I would not have chosen. When I get these glimpses, I can honestly say that the suffering has been worth the spiritual fruit (although I certainly won’t complain if this trial comes to and end soon!).

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hoesayfina said...

I was encouraged to read this post. It is a blessing when others show us a bigger/different prespective of God's love and how He is working. I am blessed that you are open to receiving/seeing the Lord from and in your husband as you both grow in Him together through this journey. He is being glorified. May He bless you with a child soon.

It was good to see you in Texas.
-maria taylor