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All Aboard!

Embryo transfer went really, really well. We met with the doctor, who gave us the news that two of the embryos arrested at four-cell development, which meant we had two to transfer today (one eight-cell, and one five-cell). We listened with mixed reactions, sadness for the little ones that didn't make it, but relief that we wouldn't have to face the possibility of high-order-multiples or freeze any embryos. We are so grateful for the two little embryos I now have on board, and we pray that we get to meet both of them in about nine months. The actual transfer was pretty incredible. The really kind ultrasound tech explained everything that we were seeing at each moment as the doctor worked. She showed us the "embryo condo" - my uterus with a plush lining. She pointed out the catheter as it entered. Then, she told us to watch carefully as the embryos dropped from the catheter into the uterus - plop! plop! Two little bright spots on a grey screen, two tiny carriers of hope, two minuscule lives winking at us. We were both awed and teary-eyed. What a miracle! What a blessing that we could see that moment when our hopefully-babies entered the womb! How amazing is our Creator God! We were given a picture of the screen with an arrow pointing to our embryos, and I will treasure that picture as we wait two long weeks to find out whether those little lights will grow or fade.

It looks like we have three winners of the Great Embryo Nicknaming Contest of May 2007. Since there are only two embryos at this point, there will have to be some negotiating on the nicknames. The nicknames will debut...sometime. The song, by the way, was "Ashes" by Harrod & Funck.


GLouise said...

I am so happy to hear that your transfer went well and that you had two embies to transfer! Yay!!

How wonderful that your husband could attend the transfer with you...Our transfer was on a sunday and my husband had to teach sunday school! LOL.

Flicka said...

Oooh! Good luck!

Adam said...

How amazing. I just want you both to know you are and have been much in our thoughts right now through this. We are praying/hoping/believing with you and for you.

We love you guys so much.

Brooke said...

I just want to ditto all of what Adam said. We really do love you guys.

Amy said...

I am also praying that your two little lifelings grow and develop and mature.

Our Father has perfect plans, to prosper and not to harm. Here's hoping to a season of prosperity very, very soon.