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Tastes Like Chicken

Checking my Sitemeter stats recently, I discovered one of the funniest Google searches that has ever led a visitor to my blog: "chicken reproductive system pictures." I'm pretty sure my blog falls way, way down the list of results, so someone was searching hard for those pictures!

A couple blogs that I read regularly mentioned their "blogiversaries" this week, which caused me to curiously check my own records. My first post ever was on May 23, 2006, so that means this past Wednesday marked one year of blogging for me. Happy belated blogiversary to me!

We leave tomorrow for the New Attitude conference. I'm definitely looking forward to the teaching, worship, and fellowship - what better way to spend the last few days before beta day! (For those unfamiliar with infertility shorthand, beta refers to the qualitative HCG pregnancy blood test that most clinics do at the end of IUI or IVF cycles.) We'll be at the conference until Tuesday, and my beta is Wednesday morning. Thankfully, the wait has not felt too long and God has kept my heart fairly peaceful.

Speaking of the two embryos that are hopefully thriving in my uterus right now - whatever happened to the Great Embryo Nicknaming Contest? Well, honestly, I'm stymied. 3 winners and 2 embryos does not for easy nicknaming make. I've tried to think of clever combinations or monikers from the winners' names - Jonska? Robi? - but I'm not coming up with anything I really want to call my embryos for a while. And then, what happens if only one of the embryos implanted? How do I cut one of the nicknames? So, dear readers, I'm petitioning you. Suggest clever nicknames! If you're a contest winner, your suggestion gets extra weight. Cast your votes in the comments, which I'll tally when I get back from the conference. You have 4 days to let your imaginations run amok!


gk said...

Remember 'Ziggy Zygote?'

In honor, I recommend Ziggy.

Adam said...

Ok, I've had some weird seaches come up with my blog, but that is unbelievable! Hilarious!

GLouise said...

I am thinking of you as you await the beta! It seems like they really made you wait for a long time!!

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you this morning, praying for the Lord's perfect peace which passes all understanding.