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Unformed Substance (Updated)

Well, we still have four! I could hardly believe it when the nurse called today. Our embryo transfer is scheduled for 11:40 a.m. tomorrow**. Before the transfer, the doctor and embryologist will take time to update us on how the embryos are doing - if they are all still developing normally. We'll be given a recommendation about how many to transfer, but we will have the final say (according to the nurse on the phone today). If we ask them to transfer more than recommended, they'll confirm it with Dr. Peppy before giving us the go-ahead. We continue to feel giddy and petrified at the same time. These little embryos have surged past all expectations...

My faith for the possibilities ahead of us was strengthened this morning by Psalm 139. The Lord knows my frame and all my thoughts and emotions. He knows if I am physically capable of carrying multiples - even quadruplets, if it comes to that! He knows exactly what my response is to this "happy problem." The dark mysteries of life are like bright light for God - he sees clearly where I cannot. Even now, he is intricately knitting and weaving together the unformed substance of our four little embryos. He has planned exactly how many hours or years each embryo will live. Such knowledge is truly too wonderful for me, to lofty for me to attain. So I trust in the One who knows and who reigns and who loves.

*Winners of the embryo nicknaming contest will be announced after we know how many are on board, so it's not too late to cast your vote! (But don't cheat by looking for correct answers in the comments!)

**edited to add: We were not given the option of a 5-day-transfer when the nurse called, and we were glad to have at least one less decision.


Me said...

Awesome! The miracle of life never ceases to give me chills. I will be praying for you at 11:40 am. May God richly bless you. Elaine

Elisabeth said...

As soon as Mike saw the title of your post, he started "singing" the song -
"Ashes" by Harrod & Funck. (I must confess, I have never heard the song, so if you were to consider nicknaming one of the embroyos after us, you should nickname it after Mike.) We are praying that the implantation procedure is successful today and that God gives you a fresh hope in Him.