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So I'm actually feeling far from being an expert in embryos right now. But if someone can name the tune/band that gave me my title*, I might consider nicknaming one of the embryos after you. One of the 4 embryos. All four eggs fertilized! I'm feeling very blessed and little overwhelmed right now. The nurse I spoke with didn't have any information on how those four are growing, so we have to wait until tomorrow's phone call for more details and instructions on when to come in for transfer. It will either be a 3-day-transfer on Wednesday, or a 5-day-blastocyst-transfer on Friday. A 5dt is more likely to result in pregnancy, because the embryos that make it that far are stronger, more developed, and more likely to implant. But not all the embryos will make it to day 5, so it raises all sorts of questions for us about what is most respectful to these little potential babies that are growing in petri dishes... This may all be a moot point, because I don't know if we have any say in when we do the transfer. We'll know more tomorrow. I am honestly shocked that all four fertilized. I know that God is sovereign over this, and I am praying that He will cause just the right number to grow and be ready for transfer. If all four keep growing, we'll be faced with some tough decisions about whether to push to transfer all four (yikes!) or to allow a couple to be frozen. We really don't want to freeze any, so we're hoping it doesn't come to that. But does that mean that I am asking God to stop some of these embryos from growing? I don't know, it's all so mind-boggling. Four. Four! FOUR! Lord, have mercy.

*enter your guesses in the comments


Katie Robichaud said...

Jason Harrod! Harrod&Funck -- Ashes :)

Katie R said...

Whoops! Hit send before I meant to (I don't comment much, so I always get confused...). All I wanted to say was, "wow! FOUR!" I bet you are overwhelmed...that is really encouraging news though, huh? I will be eagerly anticipating more details as the days continue. I hope you are able to allow yourself to feel some excitement, and not feel so bound to squash it with the "what-ifs". I guess what I am trying to say is: revel in the present reality of making babies! I know the other decisions will come quickly, but right now is a time to rejoice over the embryos that are there! "Each day has enough worry of its own..". Be present in today, dear one. Much love, Katie (Feel free to call if you want a listening ear) (Don't feel like you need to "publish" this, unless you really want to -- it's just stuff I wanted to tell you)

Kris said...

No clue on the song. (Though I DO know the song from the last post... but who doesn't?)

Good luck with those four little ones!

Shiloah said...

We just got back from vaca last night and I've been eagerly catching up on your posts. An embarassment of riches...I love that phrase. We're rejoicing with you over your four, and we are praying for all six of you. Much love, Shiloah

Katie said...

My sweet hubby has no doubt: Harrod&Funk, "Ashes." Complete line... "So you're an expert in everything, from embryos to empires?" In fact, he was just singing that song yesterday as we drove to take Tali to the Dr. It looks like we're in the lead for a nickname! Love you, Katie

GLouise said...

Congrats on four growing embies! It is so hard to predict fertilization...I remember I had four eggs during retrieval, but only 1 fertilized. So you must have very good eggs!

I will pray for clear decision making for you guys. If you go for the 5 day transfer, there may just be 1-2 embies remaining, which would make your decision a lot easier.