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All the Pretty Bruises

A quick and relief-giving appointment today. Our IVF is not in danger of being cancelled. The lovely Wendy made the same comment as the city nurse, about "letting the big follicle go." I asked her exactly what that meant, and she said that they'll just let it grow to jumbo size, and then drain the fluid from it when they aspirate the rest of the normal follicles. She said it is totally normal and nothing to worry about. Thank goodness! The big follicle is up to 25mm, and the rest are between 10 and 13 mm, "right on track" according to Wendy.

The blood-draw gal "D" (I haven't come up with a clever name for her yet) commented on the bruise that has formed in the crook of my right arm. I keep forgetting to switch out arms for the bloodwork; D said she'll make sure to get the left next time. The bruise doesn't really hurt too much, but I have noticed it when I cross my arms.

Nurse Answers called with the results this afternoon and said we need to slow things down a little bit. She instructed me to lower my dose of Follistim to 150IU, and to stay on the 5 units of Lupron. I also need to start going in for daily monitoring this week. I think egg retrieval will be sometime around the end of this week, but we won't really know for sure until we're closer. I will, of course, keep you posted.


A quote that spoke to me today, from the chapter "Waiting for the Morning" by Dustin Shramek in Suffering and the Sovereignty of God:

"Why is the depth of Christ's pain significant for us?...In the midst of our pain we may feel alone and believe that no one has hurt as badly as we hurt. But it isn't true. Jesus Christ has felt such pain; indeed, he has felt pain that would have destroyed us. He is able to sympathize. ...Jesus himself endured the long night of weeping, and God promises to carry us even when we don't feel his arms around us." (p. 186, 190)


Michele said...


Jenn F. sent me this link so that I could read the Shramek quote. I did not know of your struggles in this area, but I will lift you up--even now--to our kind Father, whose plans for you are perfect and good.

Flicka said...

Good luck with your glad it's not cancelled! My goodness that's a big follicle.


Katie said...

Dear friend, I continue to thank God for His work in your heart and for your willingness to openly share it with us. We're praying for you...

Love, Katie F