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Three Cheers for the New OB-GYN

The appointment with the new OB-GYN went really, really well. This doctor seemed pretty knowledgeable about infertility, for someone who's not a specialist. He knew that the diagnosis of a luteal phase defect has become suspect in medical circles recently. He talked with me about how important it is to find a good RE (one who "won't sell you snake oil," he said) when you have so much invested emotionally, physically, and financially. He didn't treat me as though I am ignorant but assumed a mutual familiarity with the tests and treatments as we discussed those topics. A doctor who understands how difficult infertility is and who respects his patient's opinions and intelligence - gasp!

He gave me some helpful thoughts about the options before us in getting a referral to a new RE. Although he said he respects Dr. Peppy as a doctor, he did seem to question how little testing she had done before launching us into treatments. He highly recommended the doctors at the Fertility Institute at Posh Hospital; because he does not know anything about the doctors at Oh Baby Fertility Center, he was unable to recommend them. I browsed the IVF Connection boards (thanks to the commenter who pointed me that way!) to see what people had to say about Posh Hospital and Oh Baby; many people raved about Posh Hospital, while only one or two people commented about Oh Baby. It sounds like Posh Hospital does very thorough testing, which appeals to us right now. So we're leaning that way, but we're still thinking and praying. The new OB-GYN said that he'd write an open referral and that we could call anytime to finalize it with whatever RE we choose. Keep the poll votes coming in (and I think you can change your vote if you want to do so based on the new information), and I'll let you know what we decide.

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