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HI Day 1: To Market, To Market

My parents and brother had their travel to Hawaii delayed by one day, so Aaron and I were on our own for most of Saturday. Our condo in Waikoloa Village overlooked a golf course, the foothills of mountains, and the ocean.

The property was also home to wild turkeys.

After taking a few pictures, the first order of the day was to find food. We visited two local farmers' markets (a tiny one in Waikoloa Village and a bigger one in Keauhou), which were full of exotic produce.

After lunch, we explored Holualoa, a little town full of art galleries and boutiques. A highlight was the ukelele shop, housed in the town's old post office.

We finished the day by picking up my family from the airport, celebrating their arrival by giving my mom a lei.


Alex and Jill said...

I'm ready to go back to Hawaii! It has been years. I'm going to tell Alex to start working on that. :)

Can't wait to see more pics!

Angie said...

So...what sorts of exotic fruits did you eat from said markets? And what did you think of them?

Glad you had a great time in Hawaii but also glad you're back! Fun to see you briefly at church on Sunday!

Annika said...

Congrats on the camera! And a Nikon...welcome to the club! :) Can't wait to see more pics. Well, I really can't wait to see you all again. Let's get together soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

You so pretty! I love the pictures of the's that dead part of spring where I haven't seen fresh fruit for ages and my mouth is just watering for it. Eat some of those tangerines for me!


andrea_jennine said...

Angie - We ate papaya and guava and pineapple and purple sweet potatoes. We bought an avocado the size of a small melon, but it never ripened. Those spiky red ones are lychee, I think, which I never had raw but did have in yogurt. And we purchased 2 jars of delicious passion fruit jam, one of which we ate throughout the week and one of which the airport confiscated because I forgot it was in our carry-on bag. So sad!

Annika - Yes! I was just thinking about you guys and wanting to see you all.

Flicka - Aw, shucks!

Dave and Beth Saavedra said...

I've eaten that red fruit here in Ecuador. It's pretty tasty, but I always feel like I'm breaking open buttons that should be on my third grade teacher's cardigan. I think it's actually a relative of the lychee, called the rambutan (not native to Ecuador, but originating in SE Asia). I love tropical fruit.