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What Have I Done?

(After reading the crucifixion accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John this morning, I thought I'd try meditating in a poetic form. Here's a second-ish draft of what I wrote. May your Good Friday be full of time to reflect on the Savior's cross with horrified sorrow and grateful awe.)

When he tried Jesus

Pilate asked,

What evil has he done?

I covet,

a toddler bully

biting kids with toys.

What evil has he done?

I indulge,

a lazy teen

refusing to leave bed or do chores.

What evil has he done?

I judge,

a college co-ed

knowing just enough to think

I know more than everyone.

What evil has he done?

I dictate,

an arrogant executive

demanding my plans fulfilled.

What evil has he done?

I resent,

a bitter old lady;

nursing home, nursing grudges.

What evil has he done?


but mine.

I – mocking – cry

Crucify him!

I – penitent – weep

Have mercy!

Crucify him.


Joannah said...


That was really powerful. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is beautifully and powerfully written. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This is a really moving poem, Andrea. Good..."try"??!