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Hello, Bloggy

What's this? Oh, gee, is it my blog? Hmm, what do you do with those things again? Oh, you write on them? Somewhat regularly? Well, how 'bout that?

I've been wanting to write all week, but I've been prevented by a combination of a busy work-week and a bit of blogger's block. In lieu of writing something any of you might enjoy reading, I give you two lists. But they're interactive lists!

List one: Exciting blog links for you to click! (Wait! Don't click yet! Stroke my ego and finish reading my post first!)

  1. Amy is triggering tonight for her first IVF!
  2. In Search of Morning Sickness has 2 embryos on board for her first IVF!
  3. GLouise has welcomed home her baby girl (via domestic adoption)!
List two: Blog topics on which you should vote! Let me know what you'd like me to write.
  1. my desire to be a young parent
  2. the literature discussion group I lead for homeschoolers
  3. being a daughter of infertility myself
  4. our upcoming trips to Austin, TX and Mackinac Island, MI
  5. my five-year college reunion, and why I am not attending (see #4 above and add in a healthy dose of fear of man)
  6. the one who has moved in on the turf of Thelonius
  7. cooking/recipes
Cast your votes! Read the links! Don't throw rocks at me for a dull-ish blog post!


JJ said...

Very cool list=)

Id love to hear about being a daughter of infertility, and your upcoming trips=)

James said...

I vote for either 2 or 6...

but perhaps they are the same

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Hey you, everyone needs a few days/weeks break from a blog once in a while. However, since I love reading what you post, I'm gonna vote for being a daughter of infertility and cooking/recipes, since I love cooking! Sometimes off topic are a lot of fun.

THANK YOU for mentioning me. I appreciated you reminder so much that the embryos are in God's hands and God will take care of every detail. I don't know What that'll look like, but I'm preparing my heart to praise Him each day.

Amy said...

I'm lame. I can't pick between topics because I really want to hear about ALL of them. That's cheating, I know, but that's my vote.

I have to say, though,the trips to Austin and Mackinac caught my eye. I went to Mackinac a couple years ago and had a great time. And, well, Austin's just so close to Waco...

amy said...

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words and prayers!!

I vote for all the topics...that will give me lots of reading while I'm resting at home!

Jessy - katie's friend said...

I vote #3 or #7

sarah k said...

i'm showing up late to the voting, but that's partly because I have to say I'm interested in all of them, too, but especially in trips, college reunions (didn't go to mine either) and recipes!

The Durbin Family said...

Oh, I'm going to be lame like Amy and say ALL of them. Not much help, am I? But they all sound interesting and reader-worthy. :)

Mrs. Mom said...

Here's my vote--I'd like to see posts about these things:
~ your desire to be a young parent (I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this, as it is often on my mind, being an 'older' parent myself--I'll be almost sixty when my youngest graduates. Yikes!)
~ the literature discussion group you lead for homeschoolers (since I've been meaning to ask you about it anyway)
~ the one who has moved in on the turf of Thelonius (since I experienced the wildlife on your patio firsthand)

GLouise said...

I want to read about why you'd like to be a young parent AND how you are a daughter of infertility.

And thanks for the shout out! We're still floating on air :-)

Amanda said...

I'm going to jump on the "lame" bandwagon with the other A's, Amy & Andrea. My favorites, though, I think, are #2, #3, #4, #6, & #7 (always indecisive, I included 5 of 7 -- now THAT'S lame)! By the way, I made your berry trifle for Grandparents' Day, &, as always, it was a huge hit.