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Oh Yeah, There's More to Our Lives than Home-Ownership

So, not only did we move into our new house this weekend (hello, boxes that are still everywhere!), I also started medications and appointments for a new IUI cycle. A friend who was helping me unpack our kitchen laughed at the initial contents of our new fridge - a large jug of water, a bowl of leftover potato salad (from a night we had spent painting at the house), four boxes of Follistim, and one box of Repronex. Rather telling of our priorities at the moment!

I don't think I've mentioned this yet on the blog, but Dr. Owlish has left the practice (he moved to be closer to family, so I guess I can't begrudge him that). It was disappointing, as we had been so pleased to start seeing him, but we trust God's timing. I've been handed over to the other doctor at the clinic, but I haven't actually seen him yet (and may not for some time, who knows?). He's a very respected doctor in the field, nationally, so I assume I'm in good hands, but I don't know if we will click with him personality-wise in the same way we did with Dr. Owlish. Anyway, the new-to-me RE reviewed my charts from the cycles I did with Dr. Owlish, and he decided to add Repronex into the medicine mix. I don't really know what it does, but I've been too swamped with all the house stuff to worry about asking. It's another injectable drug, one that I mix myself. Then I squirt the Follistim into the same syringe, so I only have to give myself one shot total instead of one for each medicine. It makes for a lot of needle juggling, especially once I've sterilized things and don't want to set them back down! I've taken this combination of meds for three days now, and a check-up today showed dozens of small-to-medium follicles on each side (the largest were 13, 12, and 10 mm) and an E2 level of 202. I'll continue the same doses (75 IU of Follistim, 37.5 IU of Repronex) for three more days and go back for ultrasound and bloodwork on Friday.

It's kind of strange to have infertility treatments feel like an afterthought, amidst all the business of settling our new home, but I'm grateful for the temporary shift in focus. I pray, of course, that the upcoming IUI will be successful, but I have such abundant evidence of God's kindness all about me right now that it's easy to trust him for the future. No matter what happens, I know that he has positioned us well for whatever will come next.


Joannah said...

I will be keeping good thoughts for you! I just did my third IUI last week and am in the dreaded 2ww. If this one doesn't work, then I'll be moving on from Clomid to injectibles. I really hope it doesn't come to that. I'm okay with receiving shots, but not administering them.

Enjoy your new digs!

Faith said...

It's so hard to trust sometimes -- keep hanging in there. On a lighter note, your refrigerator contents made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

your continued faith and trust in God is a blessing and a huge encouragement. I will keep praying.

* wileywomb

Vacant Uterus said...

Maybe it's good to be distracted. Not because it will increase your chances (this is NOT a "just relax"!) but because sometimes it's good to just get outside of it all for a while and do something happy. And setting up your first house is a really happy thing!

I hope repronex is the key and as always, that this is your last IUI ever. I'm praying for you!


kcmarie122 said...

Good luck with this upcoming IUI! I will be praying!

I'm glad at least you have some stuff going on to distract you!

Katie said...

Andrea, I LOVE your place! What a blessing! Keep trusting in His goodness.

Alex and Jill said...

I'm excited to hear you've started another IUI cycle!! Always praying, girl!