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BooMama Heard My Cry!

Well, I guess it probably wasn't really a response to my request for crockpot recipes. But...

BooMama is hosting a Souptacular Crockpotalooza today!

I haven't even begun to look through the recipes. Oh, except for the Elton John soup. Because, seriously, how can you resist the urge to click immediately on a link to something called Elton John soup? Anyway, I don't have any contribution to make to the Souptacular Crockpotalooza, but I'm excited to browse through all the links that BooMama is collecting and to find some new meals for our repertoire. You know, when I have time.

Another thing that requires time? Thinking. And blogging requires thinking. And I have no time, so no thinking, and no blogging. I did try to think while staring at a blank "Create Post" window for about 45 minutes yesterday morning. Hmm. Maybe those thoughts will become coherent enough to write soon.


Alex and Jill said...

Are you having writers-block!?

You know how we miss your posts while you're away. :)

I'm going to check out those recipes! Thanks for the link!


Renee said...

I was so excited to see BooMama's soup & crockpot extravaganza - I am very happy fall is here and I can start fixing soups again.

sheila said...

Hi Andrea, check this blog out. I found it the other day and I get a kick out of her using her crockpot everyday. Some interesting recipes!


Katie said...

Hi Andrea. Been thinking of you this week and wondering how the "break" is going.

Love ya.