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2009 minus 1980 equals

Today I turn 29. Aaron jokingly called it the age I'll be for the rest of my life. Truly, I hope that I'm never abashed by my age, that I never wail about getting old, that I never wistfully long to be in a different decade of my life. I want to live every year to its fullest, with joy and grace. But, I would really like to be a mom by 30. Please, God?

Aaron took me out to celebrate on Saturday. We went to a cozy French restaurant for lunch (tea, souffle, and crepes; yum!). Then he took me to pick out a Dutch oven; I've wanted one for ages, and we found a great deal on this one.
I can't wait to cook with it!

I'm settling in for a quiet, low-key day now. Aaron, sadly, is out of town on an unavoidable business trip. It's my regular day off of work, but I do have some lesson-planning and grading to do for the homeschool co-op where I teach once a week. I slept in a little, then I made a tasty breakfast of steel-cut oatmeal with honey, cranberries, and pecans. I think I'll treat myself to a bath at some point, and I have a couple of presents from my parents to open. Aaron kept urging me to set up a lunch date with girlfriends or something, but a restful day at home appeals to me.

This morning, I read and meditated on Mark 8:34-36. I pray that this last year of my twenties would be one in which I learn to embrace my cross with greater faith, to deny myself and find the immeasurable gain of Christ and the gospel.


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your quiet day at home today. Glad you got to enjoy a nice weekend.

I can't believe you got a Dutch oven! That is so funny - I want one too and I was JUST looking at them in a store on Friday. Enjoy it! I bet you will make some yummy things.

kcmarie122 said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

And don't worry, 30 is not so bad (even though you have a whole year to go to deal with that one!).

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day at home!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday Andrea! I never get the bulletin anymore, so I never know anyone's birthday. UGH!!! Would you like to come over for dinner? Since I don't have a car today and haven't been grocery shopping in a while, it would probably be pancakes and sausage:) But they would be birthday pancakes...yummm!!! Love you sweet friend and hope to see you later!

Alex and Jill said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your peaceful day at home...those are the best. :)


Lauren said...

Happy happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

Elisabeth said...

Happy Birthday Andrea! I must not have gotten the church bulletin either, because yours is now the second birthday in January I have missed. I'm so sorry!

I hope you had a restful day today, and I pray that you will grow in treasuring the Lord this year and finding your joy in Him.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Praying this year will be fruitful.

Cassandra said...

Happy Birthday! I don't use Le Creuset because I'm loyal to another brand, but I love to ogle the beautiful colors in the store. That's a wonderful blue! (Unless you chose another color?)

Soapchick said...

Here from Lost and Found to wish you a happy birthday albeit a couple of days late! Hope you have a great year!

GLouise said...

Happy birthday, dear Andrea!

I just got a dutch oven as well! Whatcha going to make?

Happy 29!!

Amy said...

Happy late birthday! I hope your day was nice and restful.

And, yes, I would love some literary tips for our trip! I'm currently reading "Jane Eyre" for my Brit Lit class and just read that the original manuscript is in the British Museum. I may have to convince my Aaron it's a must-see.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, babe! I hope this next year is bright for you. I am one year older and let me tell you, 30 is not bad at all my friend.

Also, your dutch oven? I sinfully covet it. It's beautiful!


Dave and Beth Saavedra said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I'm jealous of your Le Creuset Oven - I keep hoping I'll win one over on Pioneer Woman. People rave about them, so I'm curious to know if you think it lives up to the hype. Did you get blue? I'm drooling over the red.