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If a Tree Falls... an apartment in the middle of the night when the residents are sleeping, does anyone hear it?

Decidedly yes. At first it is a little mysterious. What was that crash and tinkling sound? After the husband and wife consult with each other, the husband gets up and goes to the living room. He confirms that, yes, the Christmas tree has fallen over at 4 a.m. The live Christmas tree with a stand full of water that is now all over the carpet. The Christmas tree that was just decorated that very evening, and now has strewn ornaments, lights, and garland like shrapnel. Oh, and what seems like about one-third of its needles have formed a new rug for the dining room.

It took us a very groggy hour to get the tree back up in the stand, hopefully more secure (although it did start to fall over two more times while we were cleaning up, so we're not holding our breath). Thankfully, only 2 ornaments broke, and neither had great sentimental value.

As Aaron said, "It's good to have midnight adventures every now and then." Like the time we woke up to water pouring through the heat lamp in our bathroom ceiling. Or the time we heard a huge crash in the kitchen, and Aaron threw his arm protectively across me and told me to wait while he confronted the burglar - which ended up being 2 shelves of mugs that fell and shattered on the tile floor. Good times, good times*.

*But I'd rather be woken up at 4 a.m. by a baby crying than my Christmas tree toppling...


Amy said...

I can totally relate to the Christmas tree falling down. When I was little, our Christmas tree fell over one year, and we weren't sure if it was because most of the decorations were on one side, or if the cat had tried to climb it, or if I had knocked it down in my sleepwalking (seriously).

Also, once when Aaron and I were living in Tyler, we heard this really loud noise that woke us up in the middle of the night. We'd been having trouble with a rat in our laundry room (which was right behind the wall our bed was up against), and so when I heard the noise, I immediately thought it was a really big rat or maybe a raccoon had gotten in the house (I was really groggy.) I also was pretty sure I hadn't just dreamed it, so I said to Aaron, "I don't know what that was, but it sounded very real." (He thinks that's just hilarious.) Turns out it was a really, really big tree limb that fell dangerously close to our AC unit, but didn't damage anything.

All that to say, things that go bump in the night ARE exciting, and make for really great stories.

Adam said...

Aaron's right, midnight adventures are great. But 4am adventures...not so great.

Excellent story. You don't know whether to laugh or cry.

hoesayfina said...

thanks for the laugh.
i'd rather confront a fallen Christmas tree in the middle of the night than a "rat". Yes, one of our real-life middle of the night confrontations was with a rat! Chris was trying to defend himself wiht a bat or a hammer...that didn't stop the furry creature from running up his leg....ugh...

-maria (waco, texas)

ps. may the Lord grant you the middle of the night adventures you desire that come with a beautiful healthy baby.