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Brought to You by the Letter "M"

Bit of Miscellany #1
If you're playing along with the progesterone levels game, you'll be glad to know that I've managed to hit my highest peak yet - 40wupmL. And that was only 5dpo (for those unfamiliar with the infertility acronyms, that stands for "days past ovulation"), when progesterone usually crests at 7dpo.

Bit of Miscellany #2
Speaking of high peaks, did you know that when Aaron and I went to Galena for our anniversary two weeks ago, we were within a few miles of the highest elevation point in the state of Illinois? Yes, that's right folks, Charles Mound scales in at a lofty 1,235 feet above sea level. I should specify that it is the tallest natural point, because my sources tell me that the Sears Tower is actually taller. Aahh, the glories of the plains... Anyway, Aaron and I had hoped to visit this illustrious landmark, but sadly it is on private property and very rarely open to the public.

Bit of Miscellany #3
I've been monitoring visitors to my blog (yes, I am watching you!), and I'm a little curious about some of my readers. I can figure out who the Naperville & Wheaton, Waco & Austin readers are, for the most part. But who are my regular readers in San Marcos, TX*, and Clarksville, MD? And how about LaGrange, IL? Speak up if that's you; I'd like to meet you!

*I think the spellcheck tool likes Texas. It didn't question any of the cities named from the Lone Star State, but highlighted as suspicious all the cities in Illinois and Maryland.

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The Durbin Family said...

#1 Congrats on the 40wupml!!
#2 You managed to find Illinois trivia that I did even know about--and I've lived here my whole life! Wow!
#3 I've been meaning to ask the same question about our blog...there are people in Russia, Japan, and Saudi Arabia (I think) that have looked at our blog...who are all these people?? :)
#4 OH MY GOSH about your Christmas tree falling down...I'm so sorry...but that was so funny to read about!! :) Thanks for letting us get a laugh...hopefully we can come see your tree sometime soon; we probably won't be able to get one up ourselves this year, so we'll have to let Jack ooh and ahh over yours. :)