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Progesterone Numbers

Results: 32 whatever-units-per-mL of progesterone

I'm giddy! 10 wupmL is the "normal" number, 15 wupmL is the number doctors like to see on a medicated cycle. Since my baseline progesterone level is 4.5 wupmL, I was feeling pretty pessimistic that the lowest dosage of Clomid would manage to more than triple my progesterone. Boy, was I wrong - 50 mg of Clomid multiplied my progesterone almost 8 times!

Caveat - this does NOT mean I am pregnant. It just means Clomid seems to do the trick in correcting my luteal phase defect. We all still have to wait on pins and needles (except my right arm, which is boycotting needles) for another week or so to find out if Clomid+IUI=miracle baby.

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Sealka said...

I wish you the best, dear one :)