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Dear Andrea,

I, your right arm, hereby resign from being poked with needles. I tried to warn you last week, when I made it difficult for the nurse to find my veins. Unfortunately, you chose to disregard this notice, forcing me to outright rebellion this morning. Yes, I purposely denied giving any blood today, even though the nurse was sure she had the needle in the vein. (And yes, it was out of spite that I bled after she removed the needle; I felt the need to assert my choice of when to release blood.) I am raising my hand in defense of my rights as an appendage not to be a pincushion. Have you counted the number of times I have been stabbed in the last 3 months? I have - 8. And that's not even going back to when this barrage started back in November. I will not take any more. I may consider renegotiating my contract with you next month, but I am taking a leave of absence for the rest of July.

The Right Arm

Well! Needless to say, I was shocked and disappointed at Right Arm's behavior. Thankfully, Left Arm was willing to be called out of retirement and performed admirably. I just hope Right Arm doesn't form a union against needles with Left Arm and Belly; then what will I do?

P.S. I'll update later this afternoon once I have results of the progesterone test that was the purpose of all this hullaballoo.


Sealka said...

I think my right arm agrees. It seems that I have a permanent bruise there...


The Durbin Family said...

Oh goodness...I am glad that you are still able to see humor in all of this, you poor thing! (You, not your right arm!) Great post. :)

Rishi said...

I am so glad you can keep your sense of humor with all this!