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Round 1, Day 10

Good news and throw-us-for-a-loop news from my ultrasound and blood-work this morning.

Good news - 3 large and 2 medium follicles, which means I responded very well to Clomid and we have a good chance for a strong ovulation.

Loopy news - I am apparently one of the 20% of women whose cervical fluid is dried out by Clomid. This means that making a baby "au natural" has a really slim chance of working for us. It was recommended that we do IUI (intrauterine insemination). After some tears, talk, and prayer, Aaron and I have decided to go ahead with that option. This is a pretty big step of trust for us, but we know that our God is in control even though IUI wasn't in our plan.

So here's the plan: Friday night I give myself a trigger shot (yipes!) to induce ovulation. Sunday morning at 8 a.m. we bring a cup o' swimmers to a clinic in the northern suburbs. Using a catheter, the doctor will insert the washed sperm into my uterus. From there, it's up to the sperm to travel the rest of the way and make friends with an egg or two. Next Thursday, I'll have blood-work to check my progesterone levels. If those are low, I start using progesterone suppositories. After that, it's just a waiting game to see if Clomid and IUI worked for us.

After hearing the news that we would need to do IUI, I kept thinking, "I don't want to do something so drastic yet!" It comforts me to know that the Lord was willing to take the drastic step of sacrificing His Son for me, that though the cross seemed like the worst, it really is the best.

Please pray that we will keep trusting God, even with this sudden change in our plans for this cycle. Pray that we would not be anxious, but that our minds and hearts will be guarded by peace. Pray that I would rest in the fact that God knows exactly how He has knit my body together and He knows exactly when and how He will bless us with children. Pray that I will see God's goodness in this, even though I am tempted to feel like everything just keeps getting harder and harder.

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Anonymous said...

Andrea, I am praying that the IUI works and that you will keep on in the pattern of growth that you have chosen to walk through in all of this. I am so proud of you and how you are trusting, even though it is so emotional and difficult and... long. Love and a hug,