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Je Me Souviens

Here are some pictures from our time in Quebec province:

on top of Mont Tremblant, the mountain near where we stayed in the Laurentides (northwest of Montreal)

Dad on the luge

Mark & Aaron at Jardin Botanique in Montreal, in front of the incline tower at Olympic Park

Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City

poppies in Parc Jean d'Arc at the Plains of Abraham (Quebec city)

While we explored Quebec City, we stumbled upon this little museum; the doors were open, but not a single soul was inside. We romped through all the displays and encountered instructions to try on the clothes of French soliders once quartered here; we did!

a statue on the streets of Quebec

my parents at a waterfall outside of Quebec city


Adam said...

These are great!

I love the pic of the two French soldiers. I sure wouldn't want to mess with them!

andrea_jennine said...

Yeah, I'm grateful that one of them lives with me and can defend me from the one that fits into children's costumes!