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Round 8, Day 22

Monday's progesterone draw showed a level of 25 wupmL - definitely in a high enough range. Now, if only this coming Monday's blood test yields the same kind of positive results... We're waiting on pins and needles, but we've been provided with a distraction in the form of a visit to Austin.

Yesterday, I also had a consultation with Dr. Peppy about what steps might come next if this cycle doesn't result in pregnancy. Can I just say again how much I love my clinic? They are so helpful and respectful; they answer all our questions and then let us make decisions for ourselves, rather than telling us what to do. Those qualities shone once again during the consult. Dr. Peppy recommended IVF for us (50-55% success rates at my age), but said we were welcome to try 2 rounds of injectibles and IUI if we preferred that - which we probably do at this point. She also is completely willing to work with us to assuage some of our concerns about IVF, if we go that route. I was so relieved and grateful not to be pressured. We pray that none of these further options are necessary, but it is assuring to know that those options are not as limited as we thought.

Well, I'm going to enjoy some vacation time...


Kris said...

Good luck on Monday!

Hopefully it won't come to the next steps, but if so, it's great that the clinic is so supportive of your concerns. I went into IVF very slowly and only after a gazillion questions.

Katie said...

Andrea, we miss you guys around here. I'm praying for your trip with Aaron and that the Lord gives you peace to trust Him with the unknowns this month.