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Good Year Glimpse

Happy new year!

A passing conversation between Aaron and me on New Year's Eve:

"Here's hoping 2008 has good things in store for us."

"That would be nice."

"Of course, I guess everything that God has planned for us this year is good."

"Yeah. But we'd really like a year full of obviously good things."

We're launching into year four of infertility. No matter what, it seems like we'll turn some sort of corner this year. Pending results from some tests we're re-doing and another consultation with the new doctor, we'll decide whether to return to doing IUIs or IVF. One way or the other, we should be done with fertility treatments by summer. If a treatment works, I'll finally be pregnant (although I know pregnancy doesn't guarantee a baby). If not, we may start looking into adoption of some sort (embryo, domestic, international). Lord willing, we'll be much closer to having a family by the end of this year.

There are a few other "obviously" good things we'd like to see happen in 2008. We aim to pay off our school loans completely, maybe even in the first quarter of the year (20-ish years short of the loan terms; take that, Sallie Mae!). Ideally, we will look into buying a house when our apartment lease is up this summer. If school debt is paid and we no longer need my health insurance to cover fertility treatments, it might be unnecessary for me to continue working. A lot of potential changes loom on the horizon.

2008. It could be an exciting year. It may be full of obvious good. It will be, in God's loving hands, a good year, whether that is clear to feeble human sight or not.



Lauren said...

New years always feel so fresh--I think especially when you have something big going on in your life. It feels like this year could be DIFFERENT! I hope so for you, and for all of us! Exciting about your student loans being paid off early and the possibility of not having to work! You're right, whatever happens, it'll be GOOD.

JJ said...

I do hope 2008 does bring certain good things;) It is good to remember that God will bless us many times this coming year--and to remember to appreciate ALL of it.

Jen said...

What great goals and a great perspective! Celebrating new hope with you!

Heather said...

So many changes on the horizon for you this will be good.

Some comments on your reading lists: I'd love to hear your thoughts on _My Antonia_. I had to teach that one year, and I found it a bit boring...I figured I was missing something.

Chaim Potok - you are off to a good year for sure if you have his words and his stories running through your mind and your heart...

GLouise said...

Happy new year!