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To Lighten Things Up for the Weekend

(Thank you for all of the supportive comments and e-mails after I learned about my blocked tube yesterday; your words reminded me that I am not alone and that I have a good God. I'm still disappointed but not quite so despairing today.)

This morning, Aaron woke up feeling quite chilly. With puzzlement, he realized that he no longer had on the pajamas he had fallen asleep wearing. I solved the mystery for him. You see, Aaron has a propensity to talk in his sleep, and last night, he took it to a new level. Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, I awoke to him jerkily thrashing from side to side. Roused from my slumber, I watched with interest. He suddenly sat bolt upright, ripped his pajamas off, and threw them onto the floor. He laid back down.

"Are you too warm?" I asked him.

No response.

"Are you too warm?" I repeated. "Why did you take your pajamas off?"

"I... I can't explain," he sighed, and buried his head into his pillow. At that point, I knew he had been asleep through the whole display.

He remembers none of it, but we had a good laugh about it this morning!


Jen said...

This is so funny!!! You know if you get those footy PJ's , you can cut off the feet and turn them backwards. He'll never get them off by himself.

it's almost better than "That's real live aerobics!"


Sara said...

I can totally picture Aaron saying, "I can't explain." Ha!

soapchick said...

I hear it's your birthday today! Have a happy birthday!

Jon said...

Happy Birthday! Woooo!

Katie said...

Ok, seriously, your husband is even funny in his sleep! Too hilarious. :)

Lauren said...

Happy birthday!
Hilarious story. My husband does things in his sleep that make me laugh and that he never remembers. Nothing like taking his clothes off though!

Elaine said...

How funny!(My husband talks and sleepwalks too.) I never sleep soundly because sometimes he doesn't even realize where he is when he is trying to find the bathroom at night! It's humerous and I wish he could see himself sometimes. I think this is a little quirky piece of happiness that God has chosen to share with us!

Dave & Beth Saavedra said...

So funny! And I didn't know you just had a birthday - happy natal day! And yes, knowing such a great Aaron as your husband was definitely a point in favor of our son's name when we were picking it out. Good guy to be named after!