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I Probably Didn't Really Have Time to Re-Write Showtune Lyrics, Anyway

At this morning's follicle check and blood draw, the nurses thought I would likely be on Follistim and Repronex for another day, back for blood and ultrasound tomorrow, then probably scheduled for a Monday IUI. I had run out of Repronex, so I had to "borrow" some from the clinic in case I needed it tonight. On my drive home, I began composing alternate lyrics to the Les Miserables tune, "One Day More," to post as a description of the pending plan. I could hear the different sections - me, the patient, in place of Valjean, the nurses in place of the Thenardiers (no insult to the nurses intended; their instructions just fit the rhythm) - joining in a glorious, swelling medley of assisted reproductive technologies. When I stopped to fill up the tank of my car, I was trying to think of rhymes for "ovary," "Follistim," and "Repronex" - not an easy task. I filed the idea away to come back to after work.

Then I checked my patient voicemail box, and found out that the doctor actually wants me to stop meds, to take the HCG trigger shot tonight, and to come in for the IUI on Sunday. So much for my new Broadway hit! Please pray for us on Sunday morning.

(For those who like the numbers, here's the run-down: two 17mm follicles on the left, a few 13s on the right, and E2 at 1023.)

(Also, it bothers me that I don't have accent marks in the proper places for all the French words and names, but I don't have time to figure out how to do that right now; please imagine little slanted hash marks.)


Courtney said...

oh I'm so excited for you that is great news!!!

Faith said...

Oh my gosh -- that post totally made me smile! "Defying Gravity" pretty much got me through today, so I hear you on show tunes as the theme to life. Good luck with the trigger shot tonight, and we'll be thinking about you guys on Sunday morning!

Joannah said...

I will pray for you!

Katie said...

You crack me up, Andrea. Praying for tonight and tomorrow...

Alex and Jill said...

So excited! Praying for you guys!


Anonymous said...

you're hilarious!! i love Les Mis.
and praying for you.
Wiley womb