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Top 5 Tag

Thanks to Adam, I've gotten my first official tag! He wants to know my top 5 reasons for blogging. In no particular order:

  1. To keep family and friends near and far updated about our progress with infertility treatments. It's a lot easier to provide one centralized source of information, rather than saying the same things over again (although I don't mind talking about it, if people ask).
  2. As a form of journaling. A friend asked me if I was journaling about this season, and while I have been keeping a journal of my times in God's word, I was not chronicling the specific events, thoughts, and emotions related to infertility. I want to have a record of this very life-defining trial, so that I don't forget the details what I am learning and experiencing. God-willing, I will one day share these writings (at least in part) with our children, to let them know how they were sought after and how God worked.
  3. I also enjoy writing, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed it so much as in the format of blogging.
  4. I have been inspired by other blogs - friends' blogs, ministry-related blogs, and infertility blogs.
  5. I want the Lord to be magnified through this trial, and blogging gives me one way to speak publicly about his goodness and greatness to me in the midst of difficulty.

I realize that most of these reasons have to do with infertility, because infertility is rather consuming in our lives right now. But I do plan to continue blogging after the battle with infertility is finally over, whenever that day comes. I'll just have to change my top 5 reasons then!


Adam said...

Thanks for humoring me Andrea! I think your reasons are great. I'm glad that you are finding blogging enjoyable and worthwhile.

Babyblue said...

Yes I agree. Blogging is my form of solace. I find comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in experiencing the ups and downs of infertility.