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Round 10, Day 18 - In Which Everything Is No Longer Perfect

Lovely follicles, perfect lining, excellent sperm count...

Abysmally low progesterone.

9.3 wupmL (That's whatever-units-per-milliliter, in case you need a refresher on my highly scientific terminology.) While this is still double my natural level of 4.5 wupmL, it is far below the level of 20 wupmL that my clinic wants to see on a medicated cycle. I guess Follistim needed to whisper at my ovaries a little more forcefully. So now I get to start using progesterone suppositories. Can I just say that I dread this much more than giving myself shots? I guess my pain tolerance is distinctly higher than my grossness tolerance. I mean, really, ew. But it will all be worth it if we get a positive result next week.

In case you want to read about something more interesting and less disgusting than progesterone suppositories, go check out Carolyn McCulley's blog, SoloFemininity (link in sidebar). She is starting a series on the topic of suffering, and her inaugural post quotes a chapter that is the best thing I've read about suffering. In fact, I had planned to post some quotes and reflections on that same chapter myself. Maybe I will still do so at some point, but Carolyn probably says it better than I could. Now, why are you still reading my blog? Go, read hers!

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GLouise said...

Aww- I hope the progesterone levels go up quickly! I never had to use those types of supplements, just the pills OR the PIO shots, which are AWFUL and have a long, long needle.

Keep us posted!!