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Round 10, Day 9 *updated*

My visit to the clinic went swimmingly this morning. Wendy (confirmed: she's pregnant, due in June) told me that everything looks perfect! I have two good-sized follicles on my right ovary (19mm, 16mm) and three medium-sized ones on the left (15mm, 13mm, 11mm - I think). I was nervous about overstimming on injectables, but apparently Follistim whispers sweet nothings to my ovaries where Clomid tended to make them manic. Also, my lining was a nice cushy 12mm, much better than the 5-8mm for our previous IUIs. I'm waiting for a phone call with results from my bloodwork to determine how many more days of Follistim and when I should trigger ovulation, but it looks like our IUI will be either Wednesday or Thursday.

Wednesday morning it is. Please pray for all to go smoothly, and Lord willing, successfully!

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GLouise said...

Glad that everything is going well! Keep us posted!!