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Round 10, Day 4

Ultrasound this morning revealed absolutely no cysts - yippee! We can proceed with our first cycle of injectibles and IUI. Daily self-administered shots, here I come... I didn't realize that injectibles require more monitoring, so I was surprised to find out that I will now have ultrasounds and bloodwork every two or three days instead of once a week. More reasons to be grateful for a flexible job and fantastic insurance. On a side note, I think Nurse Answers and Wendy the Wander are both pregnant. Wendy was out today, so I didn't have the chance to observe if the belly that seemed to be lurking under her scrubs last month has grown. Perhaps she was taking the day off for a prenatal appointment? Nurse Answers normally looks very fit and trim in a tracksuit of sorts, but since I last saw her she seems to have acquired some extra bulge around the hips and stomach. Her belly isn't rounded enough that I could safely identify it as a pregnancy, but the way her hips have filled out just looks like that expectant kind of widening. I don't know either of them well enough to feel comfortable asking, but I wonder if it will be weird to see a couple of pregnant ladies for all of my infertility treatments. What is the etiquette of that situation?

Even though we see this a more of a stop-gap cycle while we make decisions about IVF and adoption, I'm doing my part to make this a success. In obedience to the recent findings that high-fat dairy foods increase fertility, I had a Starbucks almond creme and a bowl of ice cream yesterday. I think I could probably persuade Aaron to trek to Bolingbrook to visit our friends' custard franchise sometime this week, too. You know, for the cause. See the great sacrifices we're willing to make to have a baby?

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