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Heard Around Town Last Week

Me to non-fertility-specialist nurse at annual check-up: "What prescriptions am I taking daily? Um, let me see... birth control pills... and prenatal vitamins."

OB-GYN who did not initially take seriously my concerns about infertility, whose office failed to diagnose my luteal phase defect, and who finally referred me to Dr. Peppy a year ago: "Hmm, I thought I'd be seeing you back here before now... Well, if you want to get pregnant badly enough, it'll happen." (Is that what he learned in med school?)

Five-year-old nephew to me: "You're not a real grown-up until you have babies." (This is the same nephew who has offered up sweet prayers for his uncle and aunt to have kids.)

Thank the Lord for a sense of humor!


Amy said...

Uggh. That doctor needs...well, we'll just say he needs Jesus.

I'm glad the Lord has given you grace (and humor) to handle these comments!

GLouise said...

Wow- has your OBGYN been reading that silly book "The secret?"

I didn't know pregnancy could be achieved by wanting it badly enough. WOW!

Wishing you all the best, dear sister in the faith.

The Town Criers said...

Oh...yeah...that's the way it works. It's science. You just need to want it badly enough.


Sending you a lot of luck with this cycle (and the imaginary glass of Riesling). Watson at My Dear Watson has great advice about taking all the meds and breaking them down into parts of the cycle. And then putting away the meds you don't need in the moment in separate ziplock bags. It is overwhelming to see all the meds at once, so you only concentrate on the ones you're using in the moment.