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IVF #1, Suppression Day 5

For the first time ever after a medicated cycle, I am cyst free! After yesterday's ultrasound and bloodwork, I have the green light to begin suppression for our first IVF cycle. For those of you unfamiliar with the IVF protocol, the first month of the process involves suppressing my hormones and ovaries. This will give the medical team greater control over my egg production when we stimulate my system next month, so that hopefully we can avoid over-stimming. For the purposes of suppression, I will be on birth control pills for 21 days (starting yesterday), and then I will use Lupron shots for about a week. I am praying for minimal side effects from both medications.

On April 11, Aaron and I will have a consultation with Dr. Peppy to determine all the logistics of the actual retrieval of eggs and transfer of embryos. I'm working on a list of questions to ask at that consult. One that I am most curious about is if there is an upper limit to the number of embryos they will transfer. If there is, that will automatically determine for us how many eggs we will attempt to fertilize, since we don't want to freeze or discard any embryos. For those who have done or considered IVF, are there any other questions you recommend asking Dr. Peppy?

As we begin this first IVF, we are praying that God will direct us each step of the way. As far as we can tell, it seems possible for us to pursue IVF in a way that honors God and that honors life. If there is some red flag we are not seeing, however, we are asking God to clearly stop us from going forward. During this month of suppression, we are holding our ideas about IVF with open hands and continuing to seek counsel from others. If you are reading this, your prayers, questions, and input are welcome!


GLouise said...

Wow! I am sending you my prayers and best wishes on this first cycle!

We had a big concern about creating too many embryos as well. Our RE told us that only about 30% of couples will have "leftover" embryos is not a given. And that certainly ended up being true for me...only 4 eggs retrieved, and one embryo created from those.

There is also the thought that "quality over quantity" counts. So your drs should be able to stim you so that you don't create too many eggs and therefore too many embryos.

Most REs don't want to transfer more than two embryos at a time if you are under 35.

All that to say, don't worry too much about extra embryos just yet, because it is not a given.

All the best, and keep us posted!

The Durbin Family said...

Andrea, have I ever told you that I am an IVF baby? I didn't even know that until a few years ago. We will, of course, be praying for you both in this journey! Good to see you guys last week!

Kris said...

I know this wasn't an easy decision to make- there are so many concerns and worries. I hope and pray that the cycle goes well.