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IVF #1, Suppression Day 22

Today was the mock embryo transfer/saline sonogram; it went quite smoothly and I hardly felt anything. Dr. Peppy had no problems navigating the catheter through my cervix, so that bodes well for the actual embryo transfer next month. (Random note of interest: "saline sonogram" is the #1 search term that leads people to my blog, to this post.)

Yesterday I received the huge box of all the meds for this IVF. I currently work out of my pastor's home, and his kids are always very excited when I receive packages. When they asked what was in the box, I told them it was medicine. The oldest said, "That must be enough medicine for a whole year!" To which I replied, "Nope, it's only enough for about a month." Awed silence followed... When I looked at the receipt, I praised God for our insurance. The total cost of all the meds: $2153. What we paid: $153! This IVF really would not be an option for us without such excellent coverage.

We would covet your prayers as we finalize our decision about how many eggs to attempt to fertilize. Dr. Peppy and Nurse Answers informed us that the embryology lab recommends that we attempt to fertilize six eggs in order to end up with two embryos to transfer and none to freeze. Six seems a little high to us; we had originally thought to try to fertilize four. We are praying for wisdom, getting counsel from others, and trying to weigh out biblical principles and medical advice. For most of this week, I have been tempted to anxiety about all the decisions and all the procedures. I need to trust that God will not let me be overwhelmed...

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GLouise said...

Don't worry too much about deciding on the number of eggs to put back. They will be able to help control the # of follicles that are produced by adjusting your stims. And if for some reason you end up with a ton of eggs you can always "reduce" the amount you use, or the team will select only the best looking eggs. It is amazing what they can do!