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Like a Barren Tree, Part 3

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So now that I’ve dug up the dirt and uncovered the gnarled roots of my sin, where can I find hope and help? At the cross. At the cross, where God in the flesh was wounded for my transgressions and crushed for my iniquities. At the cross, where the perfect, spotless Lamb suffered meekly in my place. At the cross, where Immanuel - God with us – was forsaken by the Father so that I would never be. At the cross, where grace flows freely with the blood of Christ.

(Continuing with the Three Trees diagram...)

The Cross – How does the reality of Christ’s finished work affect your circumstances and your heart? Will you turn from the lies you have practiced and believe? Will you believe the truth of the Gospel?

The cross reminds me that my worst problem is my sin, not my infertility, and the cross provides the solution for my sin. When I feel like I deserve the blessing of a child, the cross reminds me that I have already received much better than I deserve. Because of my sin, I deserved the just punishment of death; because of Christ, who bore that punishment, I receive a relationship with God and the hope of heaven, and this should be enough to fill me with joy. Through the finished work of the cross, God can change my heart to be content with whatever circumstances he ordains for my life.

On this Good Friday, I remember the cross. I mourn the death of my Savior, and I rejoice in the love and forgiveness he extends to me with outstretched arms and pierced hands.

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