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I've made a few updates to my sidebar: quoted the verse that gave me my blog title, added a couple of new blog links, and reset the link to my church's new website. As most of you know, I work for my church, and we've been very busy preparing for a new church name and new meeting location. If you look at the website, you can see a little bit of what I've been up to (I helped to design the new logo). With work as busy as it has been, I've only had time for some light-hearted blog posts lately. But I'm storing up some more serious thoughts. In the meantime, if one is deprived of opportunities to poke fun at one's reproductive system, what other topic to turn to than chipmunks?


Reproductive Jeans said...

I may have told you so--but I love the blog title, and the verse. Very inspirational-thanks for the reminder today=)

gracechild said...

hi again. I've been gone for a month. Started my most recent cycle same time u did and got my BFN last weekend. Its been tough but the first blog I came back to read was yours & I read the whole book of lamentations. I am amazed by how myopic I have become in life. Thank you for being a blessing while sharing your hopes & disappointments. God bless U & richly reward you far above all you can ever ask or think.

amy said...

You're from Texas??? We went to Baylor so we'll be in Waco at least 6 weekends in the next few months because we have season tickets to the Bears.
I love Austin. Enjoy your trip there....the food rocks!!!


andrea_jennine said...

Amy - Yes, I lived in Austin from age 10-18, and my parents and brother still live there. Most of my high school friends went to Baylor (I broke the mold and went to Wheaton). I wonder if we know any people in common?