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Na Worship - Infertility Style

My memory of the New Attitude worship times is fading fast when it comes to specifics. Generally, I remember the main theme echoing in my heart - as I filled with near-certainty that our first IVF was failing fast - was that if even the rocks and trees cry out to give God glory, then my tiny embryos too sang a song of praise to their Maker. Even as I grew more and more sure that those two sparks of life had slipped away, my cry was that they would bring God glory. If they bring God the most glory by failing to implant in my womb, then so be it. And that is, indeed, what happened.

For a full list of the songs we sang at each session, look here.

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Amy said...

In spite of the inherent pain in this post, there is so much truth and beauty in the idea of your little embryos giving glory to their ultimate Maker.

I can only marvel at what the Lord is doing in you through this incredibly painful trial of infertility. I pray for the day when your womb will be as fertile as your heart. In the meantime, though, we say with your embies, Glory to Him Who is Worthy!