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The Next Big Summer Blockbuster. Really.

Clark Kent takes off his glasses; voila - Superman! Peter Parker takes off his glasses - Spiderman! Me, well, I don't wear glasses. But like many meek men and women before me, I have discovered a hidden superpower. Behold, Spotwoman! She can spot a mere eight to ten days into her luteal phase! She can spot well before any scheduled pregnancy test for a medicated cycle! She can spot while injecting heavy-duty progesterone-in-oil shots after IVF! And now, she can spot with alacrity during her second week of pre-IVF birth control pills! (Nurse Answers says it's nothing to be concerned about, unless my bloodwork in early July shows elevated estrogen levels...) Spotwoman, an infertility superhero. Anybody else think they have a secret (infertility or otherwise) superhero identity?


Caz said...


That's a very amusing post. I am glad you have not lost your sense of humour. Infertility can do that to one sometimes.

My Infertility superhero alterego was Embryo-killerwomb and , boy was it good at its job! I did, eventually, manage to persuade it to let just one live on in there though.

Wishing you every success!

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

That's a very funny way to "vent" about an anything-but-funny issue. I don't have a secret super identity.

Seriously, though, do they think the spotting you had even on PIO was an affect that may have demonstrated underlying problems?

Thanks for letting me know how your med protocol was. I'm shocked ER was CD17 - it's a good thing to know, because I just always ASSUMED CD14 or something (like, similar timing of an IUI). I guess with the Lupron, that's supressing your body from naturally ovulating, whereas in an IUI cycle you're trying to hit it just right.

Anyway, you're right ahead of me with everything, I am glad to follow your journey!!! You have such strength!

andrea_jennine said...

Caz - welcome!

iSoMS - I plan to ask about the spotting on PIO when I have a consult w/ Dr. Peppy on 7/2. And I was surprised at how late my ER was too! I don't know if they take it slow with the first IVF or if the long stim phase is pretty normal...