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Have Needles, Will Travel (2)

We're going to the beach! Bright and early tomorrow morning, we head to Oak Island, NC. Once again, I'm travelling with Lupron and needles, only this time we're driving rather than flying which means I won't find myself underwhelmed by the response of airport security to my bag of pointy, stabby things. It did just occur to me tonight that I don't have a sharps container, which will probably be necessary since we're sharing a house with family including young nephews. Hopefully I can pick one up at a friendly pharmacy in North Carolina. Sharps container or not, I'm looking forward to a week of relaxing by the ocean - and reading some of your recommended books!


gracechild said...

wanted you to know that I just stumbled on your blog & its such a blessing to find someone who hasn't lost sight of the cross through this IF battle. I know I have. God bless you for being a light on a hill for me. PS: I stole your poem and stuck it on my bathroom wall :)

GLouise said...

Wow- you have logged serious airtime with your needles, lady! Hope that you have a relaxing week ahead of you.