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The Headache Was Horrid, the Bread Pudding Dreamy, and the Quiet Music Was Played Loud

Things on my agenda that I did not do today:

- buy a Christmas tree
- give my husband a haircut
- ironing
- blog before going out for the evening

Things I did do:

- have coffee with friends
- lay on the couch all afternoon with a headache
- go to a fancy French bistro for dinner
- hear Over the Rhine play the first show of their Christmas tour!

We just got back from the concert at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, which was a great venue for an Over the Rhine concert. Man, are they some talented musicians! Nobody makes melancholy more beautiful or blues more jazzy. Most of the songs they played tonight were off their latest album, Trumpet Child, or off last year's Christmas album, Snow Angels. It all made for a delightful night out with my husband, who has just been on a roll with planning outstanding dates and fun surprises for me. Now, I'm plumb tuckered out and shall go to bed with wistful melodies in my head...


The Durbin Family said...

I'm impressed...after talking to you late last night I checked your blog and thought, "Uh-oh...will she miss posting today?" :) Aren't you glad someone's keeping such close tabs on you?? No pressure... Looking forward to seeing you, in about 15 minutes! Better run...

Adam & Brooke said...

Adam & I are SOOOO jealous! Over the Rhine doesn't seem to care much about coming to Texas, although we did hear they are coming in January!

Heather said...

And this is why we are destined to be blog-friends - I'M SO JEALOUS THAT YOU GOT TO HEAR OVER THE RINE! I have missed them every time they've been in concert in GR. Glad you had a good date with your hubby...