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Mackinac Pics

our room at Bay View

on the streets of Mackinac

Arch Rock

all dressed up for a night of ballroom dance
(didn't my husband buy me a pretty dress?)

These aren't all our Mackinac pictures, but the rest are - ready for this? - on a roll of film that we haven't finished and developed yet. Yes, we still use one of those old-fangled film cameras. We've been saying that we'll buy a nice digital camera once we have kids, but maybe it's time to stop hinging our move into the modern photography era on that clause, huh?


Fertilize Me said...

what beautiful pictures and scenary

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

i love the pictures, they're just lovely. and YES your husband bought you a lovely dress... that blue is stunning!

gracechild said...

you both look really lovely & happy which is good. & yeah i have vacations to go for & clothes to buy & bigger house all waiting for the baby's arrival. i know! iknow! :)

Katie said...

I'm so glad that you posted some pictures! It looks like an awesome place.

p.s.-Your dress is beautiful!

Glenna Marshall said...

what a beautiful couple you are!!

JJ said...

LOVELY pictures=) And there is nothing wrong with having a "roll" of film;) I miss those days of getting pictures printed out and waiting to see what they look like!
Love your dress!