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Things Besides My Reproductive System That Are Broken

Thing the First - Aaron's Car

My cell phone trilled out Aaron's ring tone shortly after my alarm went off at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday. He wasn't calling just to chat on his commute to work; no, his car had broken down - just stopped working while he was driving! Thankfully, he was still close to home and on neighborhood roads, not yet on the interstate. We're waiting on an estimate and wondering if a 13-year-old car with 206,000 miles is worth repairing.

Thing the Second - My Spine!

I think I mentioned before that we're considering some alternative medicine to complement our infertility treatments. A friend (who has experience infertility) gave me a coupon for a free diagnostic work-up at her chiropractor. On Wednesday evening, I had an appointment to go over my scans and X-rays. Y'all, my spine is really messed up! (For some reason, I felt that needed the emphasis of a Southern address.) My lower back crooks where it should run straight. My neck is straight where it should curve. I carry 23 more pounds of weight on my left side than my right. The chiropractor recommended 72(!) adjustments. (To give you a comparison, the friend who referred me only had 18 adjustments recommended to her.) I don't know if I can get insurance to cover it; if not, I guess my back will just have to stay deformed.

Wednesday sure packed in the crazy!


Fertilize Me said...

I am praying and believing that insurance will come through. I have heard wonderful things with chiropratic-ing and infertility

gracechild said...

up until now, i thought seeing a chiropractor was all about if your shoes are too tight & you get a bend in your big toe. So much I know huh! So many alternative treatments come recommended when TTC that I'm scared to wonder exactly how "broken" are our bodies?