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Documenting the Years of No Pants

Here I present the evidence for #69 on my 100 things list:

I'll give you three guesses to figure out where we went on this family vacation. I have to say that Mark makes a better Lady Liberty than yours truly. And please appreciate my dad's boredom and/or studied ignorance of our earnest efforts to be statuesque.

Remember the tiny private school I attended (#9 & #10)? The entire student body (not just my class) signed this sweatshirt.

Okay, so my lower half is technically clothed here. But I think the make-up job, well, makes up for it. And Mark really struts his pants-less stuff.

You're welcome.


Amy said...

Absolutely awesome. I've got a great picture of me and Brooke when we were little dressed up similarly to you in that last pic. I'll have to post it on my blog sometime.

Flicka said...

LOL! Priceless. :-)

Lauren said...

What great photos! I could tell your dad was not amused by your lady liberty-ness!

JJ said...

So, so cute!