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Meditation on Romans 4

Preaching Romans 4:18-25 to myself...

In hope I want to believe against hope. Though I don't have the same specific promise as Abraham (the promise of offspring), I have the same God. All the facts point to a very slim, almost non-existent hope that I will ever conceive. But I want to hope against hope, to hope in God's power and goodness against the odds. I don't want to weaken in faith when I consider my as-good-as-dead reproductive system (at least as it stands now, with this blocked and poisonously-leaky fallopian tube) or the ongoing barrenness of my womb. I don't want to waver in distrust but to grow strong in faith, giving glory to God, fully convinced that he is able to do as he promises. He hasn't necessarily promised me children, but he has promised to work all things for my good. He has secured that promise by sending his only Son to die for my sins, then raising him from the dead and justifying me so that I can receive all the blessings pledged to the righteous.


In Search of Morning Sickness said...

This is a really good reminder in light of your circumstances. Preach it!

Jon said...

I agree. God doesn't promise all of us children, but He does promise us love, salvation, hope, comfort, peace, heaven, and a very long list of other good things that are too numerous to mention. He will bless you as much as anyone else, just in different ways and at different times.


Anonymous said...

I have verses 20-21 on an index card in my bathroom. I read them every day when I am getting dressed and when I am going to bed. They are wonderful words to keep our hope anchored on.