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Sweet Comic Valentine (*NOW WITH 100% MORE DUCK!*)

So all kinds of folks are sharing their Valentine's day or general love stories; I guess I'll toss ours into the pot.

Aaron and I started officially dating on February 3, 2001 (a good story in and of itself), so our first Valentine's day together rolled around pretty early on in our relationship. We met as RA's (resident assistants) in upperclass dorms, and the job required Aaron to be on his floor that night. Thankfully, his floor was open for visitors, so I went to go see him. I don't remember if I gave him anything (surely at least a card?), but his gifts to me were memorable.

First, he gave me a fragrant stargazer lily.

Then, he gave me a pig.

Yes, a pig. But not a live, or even a life-size, pig. He bestowed upon his new sweetheart a little rubber pig. You see, in those days, Aaron constantly carried around a small zoo in his pockets. There's a long backstory involved, but he always had on his person a green boat duck (it was a duck! I just remembered this morning - the boat is part of the backstory, but at the time Aaron carried a duck, a duck that has, to our great detriment, convinced both of our mothers that WE LOVE DUCK STUFF, THERE IS NOTHING WE WOULD RATHER HAVE THAN DUCK ORNAMENTS, TIES, SOCKS, SHOWER CURTAINS!), a white dove, and a tiny pig by the name of Travis Beacon (not Bacon). So as a symbol of our newly pledged affection, I received a matching piglet - May Parker (not Porker). Nothing says "Be my Valentine!" like a porcine figurine!

And after all that, he gave me three sweet kisses. Our first.

May Parker still has a place of honor in my jewelry box.


Sarah K said...

This is so sweet and funny! I think I actually remember, as part of the "transfer" circle, being introduced to Aaron's pocket menagerie. :)

Hope you lovebirds have a happy Valentine's Day! We are thankful for you, our dear friends!

love, Sarah (and James)

Anonymous said...

I really want to hear the backstory about Aaron's zoo!


Anonymous said...

I would love to spend one day in the mind of your hubby. Is there a continual party? Can't wait to hear more details about this one!!


gracechild said...

you guys have such a sweet history, its amazing

Amanda said...

Y'all do have a good love story. And the "100% more duck" cracked me up (especially the part about your moms now being convinced you crave all things duck -- I'll be sure to buy anything with a duck on it I see & send it to you guys for every birthday/anniversary/Christmas ever [I have a complex about this. Is it obvious? I also have about a bazillion teddy bear things because my family does the same thing!]).