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I Am a Delicate Flower

Recovery has progressed quite well so far. I haven't needed the pain medications at all since the day of the laparoscopy (which seems like such a waste of a powerful prescription!). The shoulder soreness has eased up some, to the point that I hardly needed to apply heat at all yesterday. So I attempted to return to work today. You know, my strenuous job as a church secretary. Which I do from home.

Y'all. (Weakness makes me feel all Southern-belle-like.)

Sitting upright at a desk is taxing stuff.

I worked for a total of three hours, catching up on e-mail and voicemail, and oh, the exhaustion! The achiness! The fresh (though slight and not worrisome) bleeding! I took due notice from my body and returned myself to reclining on the couch. And now I shall take a nap. Work can wait.


Anonymous said...

Work can wait, your delicate reproductive system, on the other hand, needs all the time you can give it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dahlin'! You simply MUST take care of yo'self! It does not DO to be wearin' yo'self out in front of that computer, working like a hi'hed hand. I declare, child! Now go have that man of yours bring you some lemonade. That's right, go on now honey.

*fans herself*

(Be a belle while you can...real life can wait a little longer. As the ultimate southern belle herself said: "Tomorrow is another day!")


In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Seriously, girl, you just had abdominal surgery!!! I would NOT expect you to be better by now, even if you don't need the pain medications. Your body may not be in pain, but it still has a great dela of healing to do. Take care of yourself!!!

Amy said...

Good for you for listening to your body.

And Flicka's impression seriously rocks my funny bone. Dead on, man. =)

Lauren said...

Definitely use this time to your advantage! Eat up this relaxation and this NEED to recline and rest. It doesn't come around too often!

gracechild said...

keep your feet raised & make the couch your home my friend. you deserve it. get some good rest & give yourself time to recover.

Glenna Marshall said...

I'm a "y'all" user. But, I'm a Tennessean through and through, so I have that soft, authentic accent that lends itself to saying "y'all" regularly. It just kind of rolls of the tongue.

Take it easy! Don't do too much too fast.