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The Icing on the (1)__________

One (2)________ February evening, Aaron and Andrea headed out to get together with friends for a (3)____________. Andrea had baked a (4)____________ Bundt cake to bring. When removed from the baking pan, the top of the cake (5)______ a little bit, so Andrea decided to whip up a (6)_________________ to smear over it and cover up the cracks. She (7)_______ carried her fresh, frosted cake on a (8)_____ as they left the apartment. When they reached the steps outside the front door, Aaron exclaimed, "(9)___________! The steps are icy." Too late. Andrea, wearing very cute (10)_____________-polka-dotted ballet flats with absolutely no traction, slipped dramatically. Her (11)____ flew out from under her, her (12)_______ hit the stairs, while her (13)______ still tightly gripped the plate. The cake soared into the air, (14)_________ and landing on the (15)________ at about the same time as Andrea did. She had frosting on her nose, chin, (16)_____, ____, and _______. Unsure whether to (17)______ or cry, she sat on the ground while her husband (18)________ in astonished sympathy. They (19)________ what they could of the cake and left the rest for the rabbits and squirrels. They returned to the apartment, tracking buttercream through the (20)____, so that Andrea could clean up and change. When she saw herself in the mirror, she almost asked her husband to take a (21)________. He had a similar thought, but couldn't find the (22)_______. They both agreed that this event would make excellent fodder for the (23)_____! Once they finally made it to the party, the cake, though very (24)________, turned out to (25)_____ none the worse for its adventures.

(See my comment for the correct words to fill in each blank. See your own comments on the previous post for Mad Lib fun!)


andrea_jennine said...

1. Cake (Face and other options would also be appropriate; see story.)
2. wintry
3. potluck dinner
4. blueberry-lemon
5. broke
6. buttercream frosting
7. happily
8. plate
9. Watch out!
10. blue and white
11. feet
12. bottom
13. hands
14. flipping
15. sidewalk
16. scarf, coat, pants
17. laugh
18. hovered
19. salvaged
20. halls
21. picture
22. camera
23. blog
24. crumbly
25. taste

andrea_jennine said...

And oops! #24 was actually an adjective, not an adverb as I put in the fill-in-the-blanks post. Sorry!

The Durbin Family said...

Oh Andrea, that's horrible, but also horribly funny! You poor thing. Thanks for sharing! :)