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Infertility Timeline

I've added an infertility timeline in the left sidebar, below the blogroll. I thought it would be helpful for any newer visitors to my site who want a quick snapshot of my history of diagnosis and treatment. At the bottom of the timeline, I've noted what and when my next step will be. I get that question a lot, so I thought that would make a helpful reference. I'll try to keep it updated regularly.

When putting the timeline together, I discovered that I had completely forgotten about one of our IUIs! I had been thinking (and telling people) that we did three, two with Clomid and one with a combination of Clomid and Follistim. But we actually did a fourth with Follistim alone. I think I forgot about it because we were already gearing up for our first IVF at that point, doing tons of research and having lots of conversations about whether that was a step we wanted to take or not. Still, how strange to have almost no memory of an entire course of our infertility treatment! If nothing else, at least documenting the timeline restored that part of our story to my mind.

Now, I need your opinion. Do you like the placement of the timeline, or would you rather have it above the blogroll? And do you like it ordered from oldest to most recent events, or would you prefer the order reversed so the next step is at the top of the list?


Lauren said...

I think the timeline is really helpful. It's always nice to be able to see a synopsis of someone's journey in one glance before starting to read.

Vacant Uterus said...

This is just me but I'd like it up front with the next step at the top. But other people may like something different, so don't go on just one opinion. I think it's a really good idea, though! After so many rounds of treatment, it tends to blur together. References are handy (said the librarian.)

Mrs. Mom said...

I like the order that the timeline is in, but I'd like to see it above the blogroll. I might not hae noticed it was there if you hadn't mentioned where it was!

gracechild said...

i like it the way it is. Not too enthusiastic about the title but thats just because i avoid saying the i-word. Its a good idea. I always like the blogs with timelines where I can catch up with the story instantly