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Ready, Set, Go!

The cycle for IUI #5 has officially begun. I visited the offices of Dr. Owlish for my first monitoring appointment this morning. According to the ultrasound gal, everything (antral follicles, uterine lining, etc.) looks "gorgeous." This afternoon, I retrieved my instructions from my clinic-assigned voicemail box (fancy!). I start with 100 units of Follistim tonight and keep that up until my next monitoring appointment on Tuesday. Let the fun begin! (That may sound strange, considering I'm referring to giving myself daily shots and pursuing procreation in a highly technical and medical manner, but after such a long break from treatments I feel almost giddy about proactively cycling again!)


Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Go, girl, go!


Katie said...

Just read your blog and I'm glad to hear that things are underway & looking good thus far. Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

gracechild said...

Believe me girl I'm familiar with that giddy feeling when its been a while since my last contact with a needle :) good luck