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Want to double the amount of traffic to your blog overnight? Apparently all you have to do is participate in Works-for-Me-Wednesday. Holy moley! Welcome to all of you visiting from Rocks in My Dryer.

I had an ultrasound this morning to measure my ovaries post-IUI. Judging by the reactions of the nurses, they are plenty large (I didn't ask for exact size, and I wasn't told). The right is much bigger than the left, which lines up with how I've been feeling. (I suspect a cyst, since I had them with every previous medicated IUI.) No need for the HCG booster shot, and I have instructions to call if I feel any severe pain. For now, me and my progesterone suppositories keep trucking along for the remaining week and a half until the blood test that reveals all. Amazingly, I don't feel any real anxiety or impatience as I wait to find out whether this IUI worked or not; I thank God for his Spirit's work in my heart to that end!


Lauren said...

That is a wonderful blessing to not feel anxious about it. I hope you can keep that feeling of calm for the next week and a half.

Amy said...

I've been praying much for this cycle--both that it would be "the one," and that you would have peace regardless of the outcome. I just realized I hadn't told you I was praying, and it's always nice to know. =)

Anonymous said...

Still praying.

gracechild said...

Hang on to that lack of anxiety. I'm trying to as well as I go into my 2ww

Jen and Carter's life in the busy world said...

Praying that this is your month.