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The beta on Monday confirmed what we already knew on Sunday - negative. I'm disappointed, of course, but seeing that sadness and satisfaction in Christ can co-exist. If continued infertility is how God is going to receive the most glory from my life, I'm resigned to persevere in this trial.

So today I went in for my CD3 ultrasound. I warned the nurse that I expected cysts, as I've ended up with anywhere from one to four cysts after almost every single previous medicated cycle. The nurse sweetly said that she chose to think I'd be cyst-free this time around. But this morning I blew my own record out of the waters. As soon as the nurse began the ultrasound, she murmured in shock and asked if I was in any pain. Then she started typing measurements. A lot of measurements. Just guess how many cysts I have.


Eight on the right ovary, four on the left, some as big as 4 cm.

I'm an ova-achiever. (Ba dum bum CHING.)

So now I've got a prescription for BCP to suck the life out of all those cysts. Hopefully, they'll all be gone by my next cycle so that we can do another IUI in June. In the meantime, I think I'll enjoy the recovery break, and I'll avoid any twisting, jumping, or abdominal exercises!


Alex & Jill said...

"If continued infertility is how God is going to receive the most glory from my life, I'm resigned to persevere in this trial" I love're an encouragement to all of us going through infertility. When I read things like that I know it's going to be okay if He chooses not to give me a baby.

Don't lose heart. I'm praying we all will receive the desires of our heart some day soon. *BIG HUG*

"Ask for what you want until He gives a definite no and then trust He has a higher purpose"
~Beth Moore

JJ said...

Im so sorry for the cyst news...
I DO hope you enjoy the cycling break!

Amy said...

Just as I cried at the last post, I laughed heartily at this one. "Ova-achiever"--classic! And I loved your onomatopoeic disclaimer.

I will, like so many others, continue praying for you guys.

Katie said...

Wow, friend. 12 is a lot! I'm so glad that you're not in pain.

Reading your post, I can't help but shake my head in wonder at the greatness of God. How amazing that we have a God who is so big that even a drawn-out trial such as this has made you love Him more, not less. He is amazing and the way you are glorifying Him in it makes me grow in my awe of His power.

Praying that His power would be shown soon in the gift of a baby for you & Aaron...

Elaine said...

I'm sorry....stupid cysts! I hope that this break on BCP takes away some of your stress. Sorry, girl! However, kutos to your attitude of going through what-ever valley God is leading your through to bring Him glory. What an inspiring attitude!

Glenna Marshall said...

Holy Moly--TWELVE! Bless your heart, Andrea,--and your ovaries!
I'm sorry. Nothing like taking BCP's for a month to rain on your parade. But maybe a month's break will be restorative.
I'm always encouraged by your Christ-honoring perspective.

gracechild said...

"Resigned to persever!" that sounds like my street address right now. I'm also trying to deal with is this what my mood should be or not. Girl we've both got the month of May 2008 to party like it's 1999. Make sure you do something really awesome that you can't do once you're pregnant. I'm planning to. It is STILL well with our souls Andrea

Brenna Christine Mertens said...

Andrea you're perserverance is such an example to me! "If continued infertility is how God is going to receive the most glory from my life, i'm resigned to persevere in this trial". WOW. That really puts things in perspective for me, and I think i'll be applying that phrase much more in my life. Thank you for being honest and real, and yet so humble in your blog posts.

Hope said...

You are-as others have said-such an encouragement to others. Even when things are sad and your expecations and dreams haven't been encourage and inspire.

I appreciate you so much, you have helped me more than you know.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.

I'm praying.

I've been there.

Anonymous said...

Ow, ow, ow! I'm sorry you have all those cysts. I hope they disappear quickly and painlessly.

You are handling this negative with so much grace, my dear. You're right; Christ is all that can satisfy. Keeping you eyes on Him and not on the storm is keeping you walking tall and steady.


The Durbin Family said...

OH. MY. WORD. Twelve??? I don't totally understand the whys/hows/effects of that but it sounds like a lot--you poor thing! "Ova-achiever"--very funny. :) Hope to see you soon.