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Going and Going and Going

Boy, am I ready for the stimming and monitoring phase of IVF#2 to be done. I've made a few more visits to the Naperville office, and the veins in my right arm have gone into permanent hiding. (Why, right arm, why? It's been a year since you first rebelled; can't we make peace?) Follicles are growing apace, on average up to about 18mm now I think. But still, every day I'm told to schedule another apointment, to keep taking Follistim and Lupron, when all I want is to hear the blessed words, "Go ahead and trigger tonight." Nurse Answers did say that we're getting close, and she instructed me to lower my dose of Follistim tonight. Aaron and I will take a trip into the city tomorrow for an appointment, and we'll take advantage of it to spend the day downtown. I really hope I don't have to go back into the city on Sunday, but that they'll tell me to go ahead and trigger tomorrow for a Monday egg retrieval. But we'll see.

I have some more thoughts I'd like to post in the next few days, but I'll stick to this little medical update for now. In sum, I'm physically tired but spiritually encouraged. I feel mostly like I'm on IVF autopilot, and hope for this cycle to work hasn't made any sort of grand entrance yet, but I still feel relatively joyful and peaceful. Hope will probably jump in around the time of egg retrieval, so I just want to get there!

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Michele said...

Thanks for letting us pray with you this morning. I am trusting in the Lord's goodness and wisdom with you in this.